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Tenant Services
Time to Relocate?

It’s a tough market at this time. If you don’t have to move, reconsider.

If you have to…call US!

WE have a large inventory of active properties - websites; other Realtors; market knowledge.

WE offer Free Consultations

WE can follow up on your leads and work for you on getting you the best terms.

Off to a Good Start!

  1. Give 30-day notice to current Landlord.
  2. Figure out location, budget, location preferences, size of home per budget, type of home
  3. Get references, funds in order, pets inoculated, start to eliminate unnecessary stuff
  4. Start looking. Call us
  5. We’ll locate the properties, arrange your viewings, negotiate the lease,
  6. Lease signed, we’ll help you stay on track with details
  7. Don’t forget to change the utilities, insurance, registrations and mailing address.

Bingo! Move-in

Call, text (401-487-9414) or
email me. I’m always here.

Anne Huot

                  Anne Huot
                  Team Leader
                  National Association of Realtors
                  RI Association of Realtors
                  Newport Navy League
                  Equal Housing Opportunity
                  Military Relocation Professional